Friday, January 8, 2010

Book Club: Lush Life

Lush Life by Richard Price was our book club pick for December. It was a super quick, easy read, but I feel like the audience was directed more towards the male gender rather than, well…me. The main characters were male from the victim to the main detective [even the female detective talked like and had mannerisms of a male] to the friend to the grieving father to the killer.

This is a story about a young adult who is murdered on the streets of NYC and his acquaintance is initially accused of the act; however when he is exonerated, the search is on for the true killer. The reader knows throughout the book who is the murderer, but what the author shows is all sides of the incident:

  • Reasons why the killer [who I found myself sympathizing with] committed his act.

  • The downfall of the character who is falsely accused--and he seems to fall far very quickly.

  • The processes that the detectives go through--the red tape, the 'higher ups' and, of course, the politics of it all.

  • The grieving stages of the victim's family--that I found most difficult to read…I can't begin to imagine the sadness of a family that loses a child. An only child.

  • All in all, I did enjoy the read. It was like watching a detective movie or a tv drama such as Law & Order or CSI [but definitely not as scientific!] If this sounds interesting to you, I suggest picking it up!


    Today we had a special treat in Book Club, as we celebrated the upcoming nuptials for Lauren! She ties the knot in two weeks and she is going to be a beautiful bride! We had cuppie cuppie cupcakes and presented Lauren with a gift certificate to a cooking class to enjoy with her soon-to-be husband, Trent.

    In other book-related news: as you can see, I have 19 books left to read before June 2, 2010, including War & Peace and Little Women. I am really stressing out--not to mention the fact that I have so many things on my 30 before 30 list left to do--so as a favor, please cross your fingers hard for me!!! HARD


    JennyMac said...

    I got highly distracted by the cuppie cuppie cupcakes and had to reread the book details. LOL.

    Mr. Condescending said...

    lopez I really wish I read books.

    Lopez said...

    Jenny: Those cupcakes were as good as they look (although my photography skills with the iPhone aren't so great!)

    Mr. C: i wish I weren't so boring that all I did was post blogs about books