Monday, July 6, 2009

Freedom Run and Downtown Dash

July 4, 2009

Andy and I participated in a 3K Freedom run in Bethany, Oklahoma on Saturday morning. It doesn't count towards my Bucket List [duh, it's a 3K], but I knew that signing up for it would motivate me to push hard for my 'homework'. I did push pretty hard--I came in 21/71 women and that made me super happy! I wasn't thrilled with my time, though--plus they didn't have a start mat to clock my real time and I like to start in the back of the pack. Anyhow, it was a fun run, good homework and I was glad to get it out of the way early!

June 13, 2009

This post is long past due! Jennifer and I decided a good way to kick off boot camp would be to run a 5K the Saturday before torture began. We ran in Oklahoma City's Downtown Dash--and this was the first of ten 5K's that I plan to run before my next birthday! Andy and Sarah ran with us, too--Sarah pretty much kicked arse! The 2009 Downtown Dash was an evening run based on one of the most humid days ever. It was pretty much breathing in liquid air and I am thankful that Jennifer hung back with me. [Note: Jennifer runs MARATHONS and a 5K is easy peasy for her--but she held back just for me and we got to talk! woohoo!] Needless to say, my time wasn't so hot, but it was good--and I can definitely beat it in my next run! Won't be hard anyway!
After the run, the plan was to go to McNellie's, a bar in downtown OKC. They handed out pint glasses at their water stop and if we brought them in, we got a free pint of beer. Well, we had an 8 year old little girl with us and she wasn't allowed in [which we didn't know b/c the race was not only family oriented, but it is a bar/restaurant type of place]--PLUS, because I didn't have my i.d. with me and I obviously look like a teenager [*smiles*], they would not let me in.

Andy and I headed over to Mama Roja with the Mobs and had a delicious meal! My last great meal before boot camp--woohoo!

Andy and Jennifer:

Danny, Sarah and Samantha:



Jennifer said...

I made the blog!!! W00t!

I can't wait for our next race!

Andrea said...

I ENVY your running. Envy. My goal is to 5K it with you someday.

NduguNStephie said...

Congrats Jaimie!!! yay!!!