Saturday, June 20, 2009

Three Students. Less Than One Year.

I was a private school kid. I'm neither proud nor ashamed to admit that, but it explains the reason I went to a small school in a big city.

We had around 65 graduating students in our class, and our entire highschool had approximately 300 students--so everybody knew everyone else. When something tragic happens to one of our alumni, word spreads quickly and with the digital age being what it is, said word gets around faster than Kate Hudson in Hollywood.

You can imagine how shocked the former student body was earlier this year when a student of the class of 1996 [two years above me] overdosed and passed away. It was a numbing sensation for me--knowing that two days before I found out, he was living, breathing--ALIVE. RIP Ryan Miller.

This past week was particularly tragic. Early in the week, a student in the class of 2000 [two grade below mine, and my sister's class] passed away in his sleep. Just like that...dead. The news was crazy, another student in a small highschool in one year. What are the odds of this? RIP Michael Hager.

On Tuesday, it only got worse. A student in the class of 1997 [one grade above mine] passed away. This death had the most impact on me--mostly because I knew her better than the other two students, she was constantly on facebook, her last status update on Sunday, AND her younger sister graduated in my class. I can't imagine what her family is going through--I never want to imagine it. The cause of her death is undetermined right now, but it is suspected that she had a seizure--a result of a car accident she had in high school--and died. She didn't show up for work and her father went to go check on her and found her body. RIP Ryanne Hauschild.

I am having a really difficult time wrapping my mind around mortality right now. None of these people was over the age 31. We can go at any minute--any second, just like that. Just whenever God wants to call us home.

In addition to death, Life Goes On. The facebook status updates went from sympathies to the type of chips they are eating at that moment.

It's going to happen to all of us and we have no control over it, unless we choose to end it all early. Live it all...Live it well...and tell those that you love how you feel. That's about all you can do.


Eric said...

Live it like it's your last, for sure!

Hit 40 said...

I try to live with no regrets.

Life is very short. Sorry for all of your loss this week.

Carly Jane said...

Love you Jaimie!!!

Girl Interrupted said...

Aw, that really is tragic :( I've been dwelling on mortality too lately, I think it's the whole turning 30 next year thing :/

Hugs to you, my dear xx

Kelly said...

It's so crazy to realize that none of us are invincible....we live our young lives thinking that we will be around forever and nothing can stop us...and then stuff like this happens to people around us, that we know, talked to, sat by, etc. and we realize that "wow, that could easily be me". It really brings things back into perspective....

Jennifer said...

Truly very sad. I saw the last girl's obit in the newspaper this morning and wondered what had happened to end the life of such a beautiful young woman.

I enjoy reading your wonderful writing on your blog.

Hope you, Husband and the Kiddos have a great Father's Day!

Matthew said...

There's no method or logic to life sometimes. If there is a celestial grand plan, it's beyond me most of the time. Even the strongest faith can be challenged and make you question life's fairness when things like this occur.

No platitudes or advice.... merely my very best wishes to you at this time. Stay safe.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

How sad. It really does jolt you awake doesn't it? Start thinking of ways to improve your life while you can. Sorry to hear about your friends/acquaintances.