Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bucket List Reveal

It was really difficult for me to find 30 things to put on this list that I haven't done [and a few I haven't done 'as an adult'], and I thank you for your awesome response to my suggestions blog a few weeks back, as I got most of the ideas from that!

My bucket list timer officially started this morning and I have one year to get everything done [crosses fingers]. I had a cute picture to go with this blog of a plastic purple bucket with pink notepads and pens [thank you Mill's], but I can't find it!

Anyhoo [that was for you, ASM], below, please find my to do list!

30 Things to do before 30:

  • Read [at least] 30 books in 12 months

  • Read War and Peace

  • Create a Self Portrait

  • Run a 10K

  • Have an impromptu food fight

  • Explore Wines [and hopefully find a fav!]

  • Karaoke [Not just attend, perform]

  • Spend a Saturday volunteering

  • Create a Signature Dish

  • Extreme Ironing [any ironing for me is extreme]

  • Write one letter per month to Jadyn throughout my 30th year.

  • Have a *girls only* weekend

  • Make it through 30 days of boot camp [starting June 15! Yikes!]

  • Watch every episode of The O.C. from start to finish [since sis keeps buggin' about it]

  • Do a Chinese Fire Drill!

  • Toilet Paper a house [Beware! One of you is the victim of this item!]

  • Run ten 5K's this year [round down to 30 miles! Magic Number: 30!]--Sarah, Sarah!!!

  • Lose 25 pounds [I CAN do this]

  • Keep a plant alive for a year

  • Kill a spider by myself

  • Find a better alternative to curse words [I'm going to start using terms that I read in G.I. and MLS's blogs to replace my cursing! Bugger!]

  • Go to a Drag Show [Lacy Lace, ready or not...]

  • Family Trip - Just the four of us!

  • Make New Friends

  • Read Little Women

  • Go Camping - with an actual tent and actual bugs! [I have never done this]

  • Bowl an entire game granny style

  • Prepare a meal - by myself - and surprise Hubs with it

  • Every Friday for a month - do not say one thing negative [this is going to be hard!]

  • Play in the mud [Oklahoma Red Dirt] on a rainy day. [Yuck]

  • There you have it, my official 30. I expect many of you to participate in these events with me...and once I cross something off of the list, it will be blogged about--I mean, that's why I have a blog, right?? Right.

    Happy Birthday To Me!!!


    Jennifer said...

    Those are great! It will be uber fun following along! Except of course for the whole War and Peace thing. How are you going to keep up with book club and read War and Peace? You should start that today.

    Eric said...

    Ohhh, it's on now... :)

    Lopez said...

    Jennifer: I'm supposed to be getting W&P for my birthday (ahem, hubs!), so I will definitely be starting it soon, it will probably take a year to read!
    Thank you for the wine, Jen! BUCKET list!!!

    Eric: It's on like Donkey Kong!

    Carly Jane said...

    I am so with you on those! I will hold you to them and so have to go with you when we TP someone. that would be so much fun. OH how about OUR PARENTS....Hahahaha just let me know when you are doing that and Im in. Have a wonderful birthday year and trust me 30 isnt that bad.

    Children of the Nineties said...

    I like your 30 before 30...I can already check off one, as I've already seen all of the episodes of the OC. Is that embarrassing?

    Andrea said...

    Great list! Count me in for Karaoke. And wine. And drag. And count me out for all that damn running.

    ~Sar~ said...

    Seriously, 10-5ks and a 10k? The competitive spirit in me will want to complete these with you... if for no other reason than morale support [and a rockin' time, hopefully!]

    Begin your wine drinking TONIGHT! I gave you the blue bottle of Relax on Saturday for your birthday - it's a twist cap so you don't have to drink it all at once and it's fabulous, it's the top-selling Reisling right now... chill it and crack a book!

    Maybe we can get your camping out of the way during the FLOAT weekend too!

    My fave exclamation: "Shut the front door!" Helps to not cuss...

    Happy Day Jaimes... GOOD LUCK Bucketee!

    Mr London Street said...

    If you want I can give you an English expletive per week to use.

    Mr. Condescending said...

    bravo for extreme ironing!

    Lopez said...

    Carly: I hope you are right re: 30 isn't that bad! ha ha ha!

    90's: I think it's sad that I HAVEN'T seen any of the OC episodes!

    Andrea: Oh, there is no question, you WILL be in for karoke. and my girls weekend...and drag...and, like everything. deal with it!

    Sarah: Yes, you are my running buddy...10K, here we come! Also, you will be involved in a lot of these items by the whole 'friend' default...

    MLS: would LOVE a word of the week...b/c i secretly do want to be British!

    Mr. C: that one was just for you!

    Kelly said...

    Drag show..count me in!!

    Girl Interrupted said...

    Awesome list, Lopez! :) You should have loads of fun completing it ... and plenty of top notch blog material too ;)

    Ps: Bravo on the use of "Bugger"! I'm proud of you, you're half way to being a Brit already! :P x

    NduguNStephie said...

    You've never been to a drag show?