Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...!

Over the weekend, Ethan and Jadyn woke up early to put the tree up. This is the first year in which I did not take control of the project - I let them both do it all by themselves! (This was a very hard gesture for me!) As you can see, Ethan is in his pajamas, but Jadyn passed out the night before (which was the OU/OSU game) in her that is why she is all dressed--hair undone!
Hard at Work:

Final Product:

Now Santa needs to come and fill the empty space beneath the tree!!


Kelly said...

Awesome job on the tree and letting the kids do it all by themselves!!! I can't believe how grown up they are...I CAN REMEMBER HOLDING HER WHEN SHE WAS AN ITTY BITTY BABY!!!
By they the Santa picture..I am on the other side of the pillow next to Logan!! Pretty cool, huh!

NduguNStephie said...

HAHA Ethans PJs are sooo funnyily cute! HAHHA! It reminds me of the PJs Jadyn used to wear from the Gap as a little kid =)

I am amazed that all the ornaments aren't just at the bottom of the tree (because they are so tiny) =)

Good Job Kiddos!