Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dangle's Day!

Happy Birthday/Housewarming to Daniel and Stephanie Gomez!!! Daniel (who has been called 'Omes' and 'Dangle' by little Jadyn) has been so busy with school, studying, the BAR exam, and now, working as an attorney, that is was good to see him unwind for the beginning of his 26th year! Also, everyone got to take a tour of their house, which is UBER-cute!! Lots of exciting times ahead of you guys!!!

Daniel and Stephanie:

Daniel's cake, made by my awesome mother-in-law, Anna. (AKBakes):

Yes, I'm proud of that damn good looking cake…and it was delish!!!


NduguNStephie said...

HAHA I can see that little cactus confetti on that cake! =)

Our party was fun! and the Fajitas were deee-lish!

Susan said...

Yep, it was a great party. We had a lovely time with our lovely hostess, Miss Stephanie. I absolutely adore their new home. very hollywood cool. for some reason it reminds me of hollywood. Don't ask.

NduguNStephie said...

black makes me look slim =) heheh!

Maybe its just the angle! =P