Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Bang Baby is a Crash, Crash, Crash!!!

I had the BEST. TIME. EVER. on Saturday night (August 2nd). Andy, Andrea, Kevin and I went to see Stone Temple Pilots ("STP"). I was in a state of euphoria all night long--and it had nothing to do with alcohol! I was high on STP...it was so exciting. I screamed lyrics from the top of my lungs...I danced like a white girl. It. was. awesome. I'm just so sad that it's over! Below are some fun pics from that night:
Andy and me:

Scott Weiland singing one of his awesome songs:

A picture of the entire band embracing a derranged fan from Arkansas (rather than kicking said fan off the stage when security came to remove him!)


Susan said...

Sounds like a total blast and by the by, your cam took some awesome pics. Were you that close to the stage or do you just have awesome optical zoom?

Andrea and/or Kevin said...

It was awesome-ness. I need to blog about that myself. It was my first true party night as a parent. Oh, there have been nights, but this one was joyful!

NduguNStephie said...

I still love the "It. Was. Awesome." comment hehehe!

Don't you wish you were that crazy fan that ran on stage and then met your STP!?

Holly Austin said...

Glad to know you are one of my salkers! Now I have to confess...I stalk you too! So, now that we have that clear, I am going to add you to my blog list! Thanks for the computer advise. We are leaning towards the HP. I had thought about the Sony, but I didn't want to pay more for the name. I'll blog to let you know what we get.