Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So Much Change...

Wow would you look at that. It's been one year, one month and two days since my last post...I'm actually surprised I remember the password to this whole blogger.com thing!

So much has changed since October 2010. Some good, some bad...all different.

On the plus side? I've lost quite a bit of weight--which was a constant struggle that I wrote about often...and I run all the freaking time now.

...and i'm old now...

My favorite part of having kept a blog oh-so-long ago? It's when I make new friends...and they discover it (some having known about it for awhile, but waiting for the perfect time to pounce with the information)...and make comments to me about it. That's awesome. So, thank you for that and you know who you are.

So...Happy Thanksgiving 2011...Merry Christmas and have a Brilliant New Year!


1 comment:

NduguNStephie said...

I miss Jaimie's blogging days!!! I think you need to get back in the groove =)

I esp. love blogs about your beautiful sister.. she is mighty awesome!