Friday, October 1, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up!

The past four months have been filled with work, kickball, soccer, 5K's, tennis, book club, new school year, birthdays, friends and babies! With all of that on my plate, I have found it hard to sit down and blog, although I miss it dearly.

Important Lopez points are below:

  • Our Summer Kickball team had our best season yet, even getting 2nd place in the league tournament. Go Balls!

  • Hubs and I ran the 5K Midnight Streak and were pretty pleased with our times, considering we went in blind, without training for months!

  • Hubs and I ran the Tulsa Race for the Cure--and I got my best time ever in a 5K, which was a very big deal for me.

  • One of my besties had a baby girl that I adore and a month and a half later, my sister-in-law had her second son who I lurve sooo much!

  • Hubs and I spent hours and hours playing tennis--during the extreme summer temperatures, we played around 10pm - midnight and that was much fun.

  • After quite the hiatus, I finally picked up the leisurely art of reading again and have read many books--having just finished the trilogy by Steig Larsson, who wrote The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  • Oh…and best of all I have lost 12 pounds!!! Hard core diet and exercise--no pills, no boot camp and no bucket list to aide in my progress.

    Here is what October 2010 has in store for us [in order]: Saturday football for Hubs, weekly kickball, Daughter's birthday, another 5K, trip to Six Flags, Hubs birthday, Halloween Party, Stepson's birthday, Halloween! Hopefully I'll be a good blogger and update as the events occur, rather than four months later…

    I mean, I must, though, if you are going to see my Halloween costume, right? The first time I've REALLY dressed up in YEARS!

    And if you missed my birthday party post, please see below!


    Mr. Condescending said...

    I thought you were going to london!?

    Eric said...

    Yeah! Six Flags!

    Happy (belated) 30th.

    Blonde Barrister said...

    I am so glad you are back blogging!!

    arunright88 said...

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