Sunday, September 20, 2009

Race for the Cure [Tulsa, OK] - September 19, 2009

[Above is a picture of my race shirt. I am an avid Oklahoma State fan...and yes...I was wearing the shirt as the picture was taken!]

As you can see from my 'Operation Dumbo Drop' sidebar on the right, I haven't been running [or doing much activity at all] for about a month, so I was really nervous about Saturday morning's 5K. I honestly thought I would be walking most of it, but was pleasantly surprised that I didn't take my first stop until after 18:00 minutes had passed! After that, though, I stopped pretty frequently.

Saturday morning was BEAUTIFUL--perfect weather with the right amount of sunshine and breeze--in Tulsa, Oklahoma where my brother-in-law Daniel and I ran for Team Bubbies! he beat me...but not by much!!! I was very shocked that I was able to finish the race in 34:10 after not having run for so long. It isn't a great time, but I'm very happy about it [although I am super sore today!]

I hope that Saturday's race is the kick start that I need to get back into a regular exercise regimen--especially with the Oklahoma City race in a couple of weeks.

Here is a pic of my watch--which was started and stopped as soon as my foot hit the mat. Turns out, it was pretty accurate, as my official time read exactly the same!



Mr. Condescending said...

I wanna see you run a MARATHON lopez!

Dan. said...

Thats not a bad time my friendly, even more so if you you haven't raced for some time.

How far is this other one in a few weeks?

Lopez said...

Mr. C: If I ran a marathon, I would set a record for longest time ever for doing so!

Dan: It's another 5K. On my 'bucket list' I am trying to accomplish ten 5K's this cover the 30 mile mark! :o)

Dan. said...

So if this blog suddenly stops, can we assume that you have collapsed in a ditch somewhere?

Eric said...

Lopez, why were you wearing the shirt upside down? kidding.
Um, yep running after a hiatus is tough. But, sometimes you perform better after taking some time off, right? It happens that way for me on running, and also when lifting.

ps - marathons are more than normal people are meant to run, if ancient man couldn't get away from whatever the hell was chasing them after 20 miles, well then it's just time to go.

Blonde Barrister said...

Way to go J.Lo!! Super job on the 5k!

How many more left on for the bucket list? There is a fun one in January. The Chili Day Run. They serve chili after the race, which sounds a little odd at 9:00 in the morning but is surprisingly good!!!

Oh, I think there might also be a Christmas lights run where you run through a neighborhood all lit up with lights at night. I always love running during the holidays. Something about all the festive lights puts a big happy grin on my face!

Warped Mind said...

You runners are crazy.

And that shirt is ugly as hell.



Constructive Attitude said...

Good for you!