Tuesday, May 5, 2009

*Bucket List*

I am going to be 29 in less than a month. [gasp!] That leaves one year before I close the chapter on my 20's forever.

In this last month of being 28 years old, I would like to come up with a list of 30 things to do before I am 30 years old--and that's where you come in, Reader. If you can think of anything fun/exciting/new that I can add to my list [In other words, What would be on your Bucket List?], please comment or email me your suggestions so I can pull my list together before June 2.

I have quite a few friends who will be 29 this year as well--one eight days before me [you know who you are!]--so this should definitely be a fun post!

Note: Traveling long distances [i.e. anywhere in a plane] will not make it to my list.


Jennifer said...

What a fun idea!! I will get to work brainstorming!

Eric said...

Draw or paint your self portrait. If you want I'll mail you guys a copy of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Not that you would need any instructional help, I'm just saying it helped me. I'll stop talking now...

Jennifer said...

1. Have a food fight with your kids.

2. Explore different types of wine and hopefully find a favorite!

3. Save some money for yourself for a rainy day treat or a birthday gift to yourself!

4. Go on a day long hiking trip.

5. Finish a marathon. ;-)

Lopez said...

Eric: Your suggestion has officially made it to my list. Although the book sounds like a great idea...I think that if I do it WITHOUT the book, or any assistance whatsoever, it might actually be funny.

So...I have three things on my list, 27 more to go!

Lopez said...

Jennifer: I can't save money for a treat if I'm saving up for Mexico...! LOL!

I do have finish a 10K on my list...so I'm going to keep that one on there, there is NO WAY a marathon is in my future. That is rough, I have NO IDEA how you do it!!!

The food fight...that one has made the list and a great idea--plus the kids would LOVE it!
The wine...I am going to add that as well...this is something I REALLY want to do!

Yay!!! Five items, 25 more to go!!!

NduguNStephie said...

Drive up to Tulsa by yourself and hit the 'cinos with your sister!

Take a trip to Destin FL with the kids.. Hubs can come too =))

Empty out your underwear drawer and buy ALL new fresh undies for your 29th year!

Go skydiving
Go rocky mountain climbing
Go two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu
love deeper
speak sweeter

andy said...

30 BJs in 30 days.

a_fisher said...

Spend a Saturday volunteering with some less fortunate than you.

Put a whacky color streak in your hair for one day (the stuff you can spray in and wash out...).

Spontaneously travel to a city you've never been before.

Track down an elementary school teacher that made a difference to you, and write him/her a thank you note.

Send yourself flowers.

Lopez said...

LET ME CLARIFY: I am not KICKING the bucket when I turn 30, I'm FILLING it up!

Andy: Nice try, buddy.

A_Fisher: Oh, I like those suggestions!!! Thank you!

Girl Interrupted said...

No long distance travelling? :( Aw, bugger! And I had the spare bedroom all ready for you and everything!

What about writing a letter to yourself, stating all your feelings, hopes and fears about turning 30 etc and then seal it and store it away, and then open it on your 59th birthday? It could be interesting

Or you could just write a funny limerick/poem?

Lopez said...

G.I. Writing a letter to myself...or to my daughter! That would be fun...

What if I don't make it to 59? Then someone finds my lame letter to open at 59...what a sad thought.

My hand in poetry is embarassing!

blondd1958 said...

I don't know how you are going to get 'across the pond' if you won't go by airplane!

blondd1958 said...

U really MUST win the lottery BIG before you are 30!

blondd1958 said...

Take a road trip to Vegas

blondd1958 said...

Andy: B.J.? Of course you are talking about BJ's -- the restaurant and bar

Jules said...

1. Make a fool out of yourself at Karaoke
2. Own the perfect Little Black Dress that will last the rest of your life
3. Participate in a charitable organisation
4. Have a girls weekend with your BFF!

andy said...

Yes of course I meant the restaurant! I could eat there every day for a month!

Snappy--Thanks for letting me know your mom reads the ol' blog.

blondd1958 said...

Andy: 30 consecutive nights? I think that's 'blowing' a LOT of dinero at a time, don't you think?

Lopez said...

Jules: Surprisingly enough, I actually put Karaoke on the list on my own...not only b/c I've never done it...but it freaks the crap out of me and I think I need that experience!!!

Maybe I'll put on my list to lose enough weight to buy perfect black dress!

A girls weekend would be nice!

steffer said...

Go white water rafting!

Lopez said...

Oooo! White Water Rafting!!! Now THAT sounds fun!!!

BonnieAnn said...

Sky diving is great one! John & I did that for his 38 birthday. You have to do the solo dive though, so it feels like you really did it.

Since you are learning to cook, maybe you should create a signature dish. Something you invented, that the family loves, and will go great with that new favorite wine you're going to discover.

Take your longest-held grudge, & let it go.

Take a class to learn something completely outside of your comfort zone.

Start a hope chest for Jaden.

Get excited about turning 30!

Lopez said...

BonnieAnn: Wow, those are some great suggestions! Andy wants to skydive really badly...but I could NEVER EVER EVER ever!

I like the idea of the signature dish! I feel sorry for my guinea pigs, but this idea is great!

Surprisingly, I don't really hold grudges...I get really mad...but then let it go...and there is only one person that I REALLY can't stand and it wasn't until I no longer communicated with this person that I actually started enjoying life without having to walk on eggshells all the time!!! So that was my 28 year old treat! ha!

Jules said...

I think I need to be there when you karaoke. Maybe this can be part of our fun weekend!

Mr. Condescending said...

Extreme Ironing!

Kelly said...

1.Renew your wedding vows
2.buy something special for yourself that you have been wanting but wouldn't get otherwise
3.take a weekend getaway with your girlfriends to a fancy spa resort!

Mr. Condescending said...

go jellybiting

Matthew said...

1. Learn to make candles.

2. Make and bury a time capsule. Oh - putting some things in there prior to burial would probably be a good move, too. Dig it up in 10 years, 20 years, 30 year.... whatever suits.

3. Plant something in your yard that you can watch grow and flourish in the years to come. Something you've always wanted to grow but never gotten around to planting.

sadie.higs said...

i like the idea of writing a letter to your daughter.. maybe of things and advice you can give to her when she's older. am contemplating doing that for nolan :)

Lopez said...

Kelly: We are actually renewing our vows for our 10 year anniversary--only 3 years to go! You must be there, as you were there on the actual day by my side! Also, this girlfriend weekend is looking like quite the popular idea!

Mr. C: So...I decided last night that extreme ironing is going on my list...b/c ironing in general is extreme for me...so bringing it to some wacky location, that sounds like fun. and Jellybiting? Cracking up--but if we sold jelly like that here in OK, I would totally do it!

Matthew: Time Capsule has gone on my list...I've always wanted to plant a veggie in the garden...but with our OK Red Dirt situation, they wouldn't fare well...so I may have to get a tree. We are in our house for at least 3 years...so it would grow mighty nice over that time!!!

S.H.: You've sealed the deal...I am going to write at least one letter to daughter next year...and add it to the capsule that I will lock away for years and years!

Thank you all for your awesome ideas!!!

Jennifer said...

Are you going to post your list sometime before your b-day? Because I have lost track of what all is on it and inquiring minds want to know!

Lopez said...

Jennifer: The list will be posted before my birthday (and once it's complete!) I jotting my fav's down...and there will be a dramatic reveal.

Or just a post. Whatever.

Carly Jane said...

Come to Port Aransas. You can drive here and its a pretty drive kinda long but if you split it up in two days its better. You pay $12 for a parking permit to park on the beach and its good for one year until Dec 31st of the year you got it. The kids would love it and its so peacful. I suggest coming in late April early May.. no one around really and quiet. GREAT places to eat and things to do. Ill have more pictures for you to see and tell you all about it when I get back.

Andrea said...

I'm late....

I actually clipped this article out when it was originally published in 1997. I still have it and although it's not exactly 'things' to do, it's great food for thought and I LOVE it.


Lopez said...

Andrea: That article is awesome. I am swelling with pride that I've accomplished almost all of those things.

One thing that I still cannot do, as I never have: Live Alone.

OH I'm such a basket case!!!

~Sar~ said...

Oooh, meee!!!

1. Chinese fire drill

2. Toilet paper a house

3. Coach Jadyn's soccer team

4. Run an 8 or 10K?

5. Blog every day for a year...

Lopez said...


Chinese Fire Drill? TOTALLY going on the list. I have never done one.

Have 10K on my list. Why--b/c it's a challenge!

I would LOVE to tp someone's house...love it...there are these people...that live in Yukon, or maybe piedmont--in a neighborhood with sidewalks...surprise attack? Hmmm...

Jadyn's team already has an AWESOME blossom coach and no way am i blogging every day for a YEAR. 50 days was hard enough!

Tiny Teacher said...

Really?! REALLY?! Because I know that in about six more months, I will be 30. Enjoy 29 :)

NduguNStephie said...

"ennifer: The list will be posted before my birthday (and once it's complete!) I jotting my fav's down...and there will be a dramatic reveal.

Or just a post. Whatever."

Aren't you supposed to post your bucket list today?

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