Thursday, May 29, 2008

You Better Run, Run, Run

As most of you know (and a special thanks to Kelly who introduced it to me), I got a Nike Plus for Mother's Day and I love, love, love it!!! Andy and I have been running pretty regularly with our Nike Plus these days - and we enjoy checking our progress at -- and now everyone who visits our site can track our progress too! There is a link in the left column that allows you to see our last five runs and if you click on the link at the bottom (Track Your Runs), you can see our total progress!!! How very exciting!!!

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Susan said...

I JUST left a comment on your New Orleans trip entry, but it wouldn't save, so I logged out and came back to try and leaven the comment again, but now the post is gone. Did you delete it? Well, in any event, I'm so glad you guys had fun. But I wanted to scold you about eating in a chain restaurant while in the Big Easy. There are simply too many other GOOD things to eat there. I think you may have committed a culinary sin.